Julio Auto

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Julio Auto de Medeiros
Security Researcher
Maceio, Brazil

Reach me at: julio@<thisdomain>.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/julioauto
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/julioauto

I am a security geek. This madness started when I was about 12 and for some reason it seems like I can't get over it to this day. In the meantime I got a B.Sc. in Computer Science from CIn-UFPE, where I had the chance to teach computer security alongside with the brilliant Prof. Ruy de Queiroz. My education was highly focused on Software Engineering and I guess that this fact contributed to my research being strongly oriented towards Software Security. I do reverse engineering, research on software vulnerabilities, malware technology, and I like as much as possible to write code to prove my points (even to myself). Not surprisingly, my professional experience has drifted left and right between the industries of computer security and software development. Also, sometime along the way I started publishing my research and lecturing at security conferences, which leads to me to the purpose of this website...

I suck at keeping personal archives. I have often failed to find parts of my past research when I needed them. Thus, it's been a while I have foreseen that I should either keep them in a repository or I would lose them for good. Furthermore, since these things are often requested by other people, I decided to make the repository public, in terms of this website. If anyone cares, I tried to organize them in chronologic order.

Browse it through, visitor, and please let me know if anything serves you.

Last updated 2014-07-09